Practice Areas

At The Law Offices of Alfredo J. Perez P.A., our Miami Personal Injury Law Firm represents people who have been seriously injured in accidents, as well as grieving families who have lost a loved one due to the negligence and reckless conduct of other people or businesses.

Our Miami Personal Injury Law Firm takes cases and provides accident legal help throughout the state and has achieved outstanding results over the last two decades in virtually every type of Personal Injury accident there is.

Personal Injury in Miami

  •     Brain injuries
  •     Spinal cord injuries
  •     Burn injuries

Auto & Truck/Semi-Truck Accidents  in Miami

The Law Offices of Alfredo J. Perez P.A., Miami Auto Accident Attorneys, have successfully represented people injured in automobile accidents and traffic collisions throughout Florida. Our Miami motor vehicle accident attorneys have extensive experience in all types of motor vehicle accidents including:

  •     Car Accidents
  •     Semi-Truck Accidents
  •     Highway Accidents with 18 Wheelers
  •     Motorcycle Accidents

Medical Malpractice In Miami

The Miami Medical Malpractice Attorneys at The Law Offices of Alfredo J. Perez, P.A. have the legal knowledge, skills and unending dedication to assist you in your Florida Medical Malpractice claims. We can help you with:

  •     Serious Injuries from Medical Mistakes
  •     Misdiagnoses
  •     Medical Procedure and Surgical Errors
  •     Medical Negligence
  •     Medication Errors
  •     Hospital, Medical Facility, Hospital Staff, and Clinical Errors

Premises Liability In Miami

Our Miami Premises Liability Attorneys have handled many types of Premises Liability Cases. The Law Offices of Alfredo J. Perez, P.A.’s Attorneys and staff fully investigate and prepare the details in each and every Premises Liability case. These cases might include:

  •     Slip and Fall Accidents
  •     Falls and Injuries due to Property Disrepair
  •     Amusement Park Accidents
  •     School Accidents and Injuries
  •     Swimming Pool Accidents and Drowning’s
  •     Negligent Security
  •     Criminal Assault due to Lack of Security
  •     Dog Bites
  •     Government Liability Claims